Secan Grup was established by with the entrepreneurs who have experience in product supply, foreign trade, consultancy, project management, production, engineering, design and R&D in Bursa in 2012. Our management team has continued to work by adopting customer satisfaction as a  principle. We are improving our service quality and understanding of service with our increasing experience every passing day.

We are expanding our service areas with the demands and fast changing needs from both domestic and foreign customers.

Our service areas :

– Cosmetics products production and export

– Textile products production and export

– Furniture products design, manufacturing and export

– Special machine design, manufacturing and export

– Medical product export

– Special industrial product design and manufacturing (plastic bottle, glass bottle, home decoration, furniture etc.)

– Engineering services (reverse engineering, 3D design & modeling, project design, prototype & sample manufacturing etc.)


Our motto:  We are ready to go beyond the expectations of our customers, to produce solutions in all conditions and to increase their profitability.


Vision :

To be innovative, preferred and recommended company serving above the expectations of our customers.

Mission :

Secan Grup is to be a reliable business partner working in a customer-focused manner, following the progress of the industry all over the world, creating new expectations, developing collaborations, using technology.

We built our strategy on the following goals :

• Be lean: We will be lean in all our processes and relationships.
• Be reliable: Complete all my work and keep all the promises we make. Our promise to be worth deed.
• Master: To know the finest details of our business, to produce know-how.
• Collaborate: Develop reliable collaborations with both our customers and partners.
• Make our partner important: Listen to all stakeholders, respect ideas, appreciate them,
• Customer-oriented Listen to our customers, empathize, shape their expectations.

Secan Grup

Address:  Doğanbey, BERK 1 IS HANI, Doganbey Cd. no:912, 16020 Osmangazi/Bursa/TURKEY

Hours:  Opens 8:45AM

Phone: +90 (224) 251 11 47

Gsm:  +90 545 440 79 63